MEDEWELL based in Kibaha district, was founded by a group of like-minded Tanzanians who shared a vision to support the national poverty reduction programs through provision of quality healthcare, education and clean and safe water. Our tri-focus area approach provides for a strong grounding for individuals, families and communities who rely upon the services as a means to a long term sustainable livelihood.

MEDEWELL’s operations were pioneered through its outreach programs. The Mobile Healthcare and Immunization Camps reached out to the local population in remote towns and villages providing access to free basic healthcare, antenatal and postnatal services. People would turn up in the hundreds, many of whom never stepped foot or even had access to a healthcare facility in their lives!

Today MEDEWELL Health Centre’s signature project is its gratis cataract surgery camp. The uniquely designed camp model has restored the gift of sight for 1,346 Tanzanians who had resigned to their ill fate and lost all hope.
The Centre now also provides an extension of healthcare services which includes a Radiology Department, Surgery Theatre, Mother and Child Health (includes: antenatal, delivery and postnatal), Dental unit and camps, Out-Patient and In-Patient care.