MEDEWELL initiated the ‘embe dodo’ (translation for ‘under a mango tree’) play school for children exposed to unsafe conditions. The 30 odd children belong to mothers some whom bundle them up in a traditional piece of clothing known as a ‘khanga’ and carry them on their backs while others have their little ones circling around them as they labour around construction sites.

MEDEWELL has provided a safe haven for these children. The mothers are reassured of their children whereabouts and safety. More importantly, the children are well fed with a nutritious bowl of porridge in the morning every day and provided with a healthy lunch. During the course of the day, a play school teacher is hired to ensure the children are entertained with educational activities that help them develop and prepare them for formal education in years ahead.

The word of mouth spread in the neighborhood as more and more families are hearing about the play school at MEDEWELL. The mothers who cannot afford to send their children to school bring them to ‘embe dodo’ with a request to safeguard, support their learning development and nourish them with a healthy diet.

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