Every human being has the right to the best standard of health possible. At MEDEWELL healthcare and wellbeing go much further than providing medical services, we ensure no patient leaves the centre for reasons hinged on affordability!

The MEDEWELL Health Centre Outpatient Clinic was opened in November of 2012 and took the first step towards a much larger medical facility. The Health Centre is located in the District of Kibaha, located in the Coast region of Tanzania. MEDEWELL’s medical arm started out through its outreach program, the Free Cataract Camps conducted in and around Kibaha region. The word gradually spread and patients from neighboring districts would hear about the free eye treatments and sometimes they would arrive at the camp site with no money to even go back home. The camps have continued to support many youths, elderly men and women and PWDs. Through the years, MEDEWELL has conducted 1,346 free cataract surgeries through the support of local and international partners.

MEDEWELL’s Outpatient Clinic has experienced significant progress towards its goal of serving the local Kibaha population and reaching out to the larger, underprivileged population of the coast of Tanzania. Over a fourteen year period, more than 50,000 patients visited the Health Centre. The sustained increase in the number of patients points to the success in our free cataract surgery outreach program. MEDEWELL’s expansion is now heading towards upgrading the Health Centre into a fully-fledged Hospital. The construction of MCH, Radiology and a restructuring of the in-patient wards began in early 2015. The departments are expected to be fully operational by the end of 2016.

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