Joseph regains sight after 15 years!

Joseph Polimani (27) a resident from the village of Bomani, district of Muheza, lost complete eye sight for the last 15 years. He has now regained his vision after undergoing surgical procedures on both his eyes.

Joseph’s testimony was recorded while he was recovering from the surgery at Teule Hospital in Muheza after he got operated by a medical team from MEDEWELL Health Centre based in Kibaha, Pwani.

He explained about his deteriorating eye condition 15 years ago which eventually led to complete blindness. He was unaware of eye specialists who would be able to treat his illness and resigned to the fact that he would be blind for the rest of his life. Joseph’s entire family also lost hope knowing for sure there was no cure for their loved one.


Joseph’s brother heard about the free cataract surgery camp to be conducted by specialists from MEDEWELL Health Centre and brought his ailing brother with high hopes and expectations.

After the operation on both eyes, Joseph removed his eye patches to witness once again the colourful world with his own eyes. With tears of joy rolling down his cheek he exclaimed how he could see again, touching everything nearby and describing those that were far. Joseph and his brother together expressed profound appreciation to the medical team, volunteers and the sponsors of MEDEWELL’s free cataract surgery camp. Their support is the backbone to many such glimpses of joy.


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