“When you save a mother’s life, you save the best person to raise her children, feed, clothe, vaccinate, and educate them, and also contribute to her community, her economy, her environment. Save the mothers and you can save the world.”
~Sarah Brown, Wife of former Prime Minister of the U.K.

Every minute of every day, somewhere in the world and most often in a developing country, a woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. That is 515,000 women, at a minimum, dying every year. Nearly all maternal deaths (99%) occur in the developing world.


When a mother dies, children lose their primary caregiver, communities are denied her paid and unpaid labour, and countries forego her contributions to economic and social development. A woman’s death is more than a personal tragedy–it represents an enormous cost to her nation, her community, and her family.


There are three major delays that lead to mothers dying from pregnancy complications. The first is the delay in seeking care. The second delay is in transport to the facility, which can be hours or even days away from a laboring woman’s home. Finally, once at the health facility, medical treatment may be unavailable or unaffordable.


MEDEWELL prevents maternal deaths through appropriate care. The most essential intervention we provide is to ensure that women are cared for by a professional health worker (midwife, nurse, or doctor) with midwifery skills during the most dangerous period during and immediately after childbirth. Skilled attendants, when supported by a functioning referral system, can fill the following critical functions:

Ensure that all deliveries are conducted hygienically and according to accepted medical practices, thereby preventing complications that are caused or exacerbated by poor care;

Identify complications promptly and manage them appropriately either by treating or referring them to a higher level of care;

Provide high-quality, culturally appropriate, and considerate care, ensuring necessary follow-up and linkages with other services, including antenatal and postpartum care, as well as family planning, post-abortion care, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

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